and I've got your back

First things first - your wedding is a BIG deal to me.

Forget what you think a wedding should be. I'm 100% an advocate of going against the grain when it comes to something as special as a wedding. Whether you're on the beach bare-foot, or trapsing through boggy moors in a purple dress, it's going to be gorgeous because it's going to be all yours!

My favorite part of what I do is seeing and feeling the impact I've made on couples and their families - nothing really beats capturing someone on the happiest day of their lives, and then hearing from couples how much their photos bring all those emotions and stories right back.


just a 


a visual 


in love

for the


You've Found
       Your Person

- and that's pretty effing special! My goal is to document these major life events in the truest way possible, in all its imperfect perfectness. No posing, no awkwardness, just people in love, living their best lives.

This is my promise as your photographer; to honestly, just make you feel as comfortable as possible: this is THE MOST important part of having your photo taken. I'm not gonna lie, 90% of my couples say they're cameraphobes and think they look terrible in photos (I'm guilty of this myself so you're totally not alone!) But those couples...they can all be seen in the photos on my website. Cameraphobes rejoice! 

What Makes me, ME...

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Back to the Streets

As much as I'd like to be, I'm definitely not street. I grew up a bit further out on the doorstep of the Peaks which is where I learned about my love for the outdoors. I spent pretty much my whole childhood making dens, climbing, injuring myself in said dens, and playing in ponds and the woods.

It truly was a privilege having nature as my original inspiration - one which still molds my work to this day, and the north will always have a soft spot in my heart wherever I end up on this spaceball.

(P.S I really lucked out that there was nothing offensive on the walls in this photo, though that would be hilarious to be emailed about).

Lu x

Simple answer - I'm from Sheffield UK. It's a place where when you ask someone about it, 80% chance they've lived/visited it! 

Let's Get REAL

Everyone knows the best photos are the super candid ones where you're just enjoying life, being completely in the moment. I photograph weddings like a movie: I'm the director and you are the actors playing your parts the way only you know how to.

You’ve probably already visited a few sites that say ‘natural images’, ‘authentic’ etc etc. But when you think about it, there’s nothing that natural about having your photo taken at your wedding, or at most times! It’s just not something most of us are used to in day to day, and that’s totally okay!

Everyone feels uncomfortable in front of the camera to some degree, so the goal here isn’t to make you feel natural while taking photos, It’s to make you feel comfortable with the situation and at ease, allowing me to capture those amazing unguarded moments when you're just being you!

The reason I cry at basically every Pixar film more than ever...

Pip is the most selfless, wonderful  person and mother ever, with a humour dark enough to rival my own. Annoyingly though, she's watched as many films as I have, which is infuriating when I think I'm about to introduce her to an amazing piece of cinema only to hear... 'Yeah...seen it.' Cuts me deep. She is my rock, my person in this life. 

Our little one. Her likes: Jumping, smelling every single flower on a walk, Frozen - Obviously. learning how to whistle, unicorns, the colour purple and her collection of broken pottery pieces she finds in rivers. She teaches me something new everyday, and she's without a doubt my best creation ever. 

Finally a big shout to our dog and cat - Ripley and Dommy. Ripley literally thinks she's a cat (she grew up with 2 cats). Her likes are staring at us without blinking, following us CONSTANTLY, and sitting on our shoes instead of the ground. Dislikes: that beep from the Royal Mail delivery person.  Dommy is our newest member and she really just likes beating up/playing with Ripley! 

My world revolves around the loves of my Life: Pip, my wife and best friend and our wonderfully weird, far too intelligent 3 year old: we're wild at heart and weird on top!

This is Me!

I'm one of those people that sort of collects skills and I geek out hard on stuff I'm passionate about, which spans a wide spectrum...but here are the ones closest to my heart.

Drumming, foraging for wild food, making fire, bread (making and eating), building computers, building bicycles, cooking everything, music music music, and Playing ukulele because I sucked at guitar. 

ALL the 80's classics, 90's and early 00's films that are so crap they're great. And David Lynch movies and The O.C. Not a film but I will always love that show.

Everything from Dreampop to Pantera.

Special skill
Quoting Friends episodes and films in full (I get punched on the reg)

Guilty Pleasure
Eating american cheese slices straight from the pack. (Though I firmly believe they have their place in cooking. 

This was a bit of fun, but this pretty much sums my hobbies up! More than anything, being with my loved ones trumps all of the above.

(Not me.)




"Thank you so so so much for being so incredible and making us feel so relaxed for all our photos, we can’t wait to see what you have captured and have no doubt they will be amazing! Everyone mentioned how lovely you were and it was fab to finally meet you after all this time!
Thank you!!!!!!"

Sophie + Olly

OH MY GOD LUIS! I cannot even put into words how unbelievably happy we are with our pictures (multiple crying emojis) Just watching for them for the millionth time!!!

Rachel + Nathan

We looked at the photos for the first time last night.... truly you are a wizard!!! They are so so beautiful, you really captured the spirit of the day and us as people (laughing and pulling faces 🤣🤣🤣)

Louise + John

Wow!!! I have no words! They are absolutely incredible, you caught some really beautiful moments and the quality is insane.

Lucy + Alex 

Two souls
one Awesome story

Let's create
some magic together?

Two souls
one Awesome story

Let's create
some magic together!