// Pre-wedding Meet-up and Catch-ups

// All Day Coverage 

// Sneak Peeks the Next Week

// High Resolution Images - For print

// Web-ready Images - For sharing

// Private Online Gallery + Print Store

// Slideshow Story

// Gallery App

Your entire day captured from the very beginning to the messy end, and everything in between. Chefs kiss*

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Including Travel + Accommodation within UK


//  Pre-wedding Meet-up and Catch-ups

//  Pre-wedding Photo Session
//  All Day Coverage

//  Sneak Peeks the Next Week

//  High Resolution Images - For print
//  Web-ready Images - For sharing

//  Keepsake Box + USB + Prints
//  Private Online Gallery + Print Store 
//  Slideshow Story

//  Gallery App

The whole shabang: If you're gonna do it, do it big.

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Including Travel + Accommodation within UK

Including Travel within UK


// Pre-wedding Meet-up and Catch-ups

// Upto 5hrs Coverage (£100ph if more are needed)

// Sneak Peeks the Next Week

// High Resolution Images -
For print

// Web-ready Images - For sharing

// Private Online Gallery

// Online Print Store

// Gallery App

Perfect for Elopements, micro-weddings and intimate celebrations

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Believe it or not this is 90% of the job! A full-day wedding normally leaves me with 5-7000 images (yep, that's thousand) and the editing process is where I take your already gorgeous photos to the next level...

Multiple backups are made as soon I get back to my base and I don't use any AI culling, batch or editing tools*, all of my images are edited by my hand and brain.

First comes the painstaking job of removing any 'bad' shots (closed eyes etc) and selecting the cream of the crop for your collection (some of which still won't make the final cut). 

Then, working in Adobe Lightroom, with the odd dip into Photoshop, I apply my signature treatment to all of your images and create a unique piece from each one, with tweaks being made as I work. Then a day or two later with fresh eyes, I tweak the order of the images so they flow like a movie, before setting up your gallery. Easy right?! I think I need to lay down. 

The FINAL Touches 

The Edit

   Once all is done and dusted, it's time for the finishing touches to your legacy. I backup your images to a second storage and to the Cloud. Then I edit and apply my signature look to your collection, bringing out the very, very best in each image. And you can be sure to look out for some sneak peeks in the week after your wedding to share with everyone!!


   OK...It’s THE DAY!! But no worries, I’ll be there to ground you, lend a hand, a tissue, a haribo, to confidently tell you 'you got this'. I'll be there guiding you when we sneak off for some photos, making sure you're totally comfortable, while you both enjoy the newly-newlywed tingles.


  Regular video catch-ups, or whenever you just fancy a natter; we'll keep in touch about how the planning is going, creating our wedding timeline and everything in between, right up to the big day. 


The Journey



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so, what's next??

I'm so excited you're almost ready to get going!
If you've already made your minds up to secure me for your day, that's awesome, simply tell me in your message below. This helps check if I'm available and if we'll be a good fit for each other.

Then, we'll hop on a videochat to talk about everything! If we're all good to go, we sign a contract and once your deposit is with me - you're officially booked! Crack open them bubbles and celebrate.

I can't wait to hear your love story and create something wonderful together.

Lu x 

Message Sent!

Thanks so much for reaching out, I can’t wait to meet you! If today's a Sunday I'll be with you on Monday. Otherwise I’ll be in touch within 24hrs or sooner to go through the next steps. 

Let's do this!!

Lu x