Hello friend, I'm lu

- And I've got your back.


If you're still with me, you likely don't give two craps about the classic, 'conventional' wedding, or traditional wedding photography - me too. I've always approached weddings as an artist and not a 'wedding photographer', and I treat the whole process in a really relaxed way, where you don't sweat the small stuff and ultimately just document the beauty of the day as it happens around us. So, whether it's a tipi wedding in the woods, or wandering across the rainy moors in a red dress, I'm 1000% on board! This is your time to break the rules, embrace some alternativeness (is that a word?), do things at your pace and create your own traditions. 








I'll not bore you to death straight out the gate with a condensed, yet still somehow massive life story. So here are a few points to bring you up to speed :)  

- A Sheffielder, born and raised
- I've celebrated with over 100 amazing couples
- Cinema, fashion and photojournalism heavily influence my    editorial style (take a peek at my older work if you        fancy!)
- My incredible family and I live out in the stix of          Derbyshire where you can find us cooking (and eating),      watching too many movies, playing music and generally        messing around in the wilderness together

- A Sheffielder, born and raised

- I've partied with over 100          amazing wedding couples

- Cinema, fashion and                photojournalism heavily            influence my style (take a peek    at my older work if you fancy!)

- My incredible family of four and    I live out in the stix of          Derbyshire where you can find us    cooking (and eating) watching
  too many movies, playing music      and messing around in the          wilderness together


My style

First things first - your wedding is a BIG deal to me.

Second thing, I adore photographing weddings, but I definitely don't call myself a 'wedding photographer'. With my background in art, fashion and my unhealthy obsession with cinema, my style is definitely more documentary and editorial. I see this as a collaboration, and I love to experiment and share this process with creative couples that simply love photography and are open and unafraid to experiment and create images that uniquely represent their day and themselves. Our very own little wedding team! 

Simply put, I'm an observer capturing the beauty of life as it happens.


I never aim for the 'perfect photo'.
I aim to create meaningful, beautiful stills.

The way an image is captured can make all the difference: it can suck you into the atmosphere, emotion and tactility of a moment; you can feel the energy of two souls dancing in an image blurred by their movements, or the hazy, warm glow of candle-lit wedding reception. This is what I aim to capture for you to feel every time you look through your images in five, ten, fifty years. To be transported back. 

Always keeping things relaxed, I hide in plain sight documenting everything I find interesting, all while celebrating right alongside you and mingling with your lovely guests.

"Lu, they’re absolutely incredible! You have captured the colour and tone of the day so perfectly! And the ones of Ollie and I are so loved up and sexy!! They’re everything we imagined and more 💙"

Francesca + Ollie 2023

"We just had the best day!! Thank you so so much, I can't begin to tell you how happy we are that you were our photographer. It just felt like you were one of our friends and we loved having you around. Thank you again for everything!"

Priya + Stu 2021

OH MY GOD LUIS! I cannot even put into words how unbelievably happy we are with our pictures (multiple 'crying' emojis) Just watching for them for the millionth time!!!

Rachel + Nathan

We looked at the photos for the first time last night.... truly you are a wizard!!! They are so so beautiful, you really captured the spirit of the day and us as people (laughing and pulling faces 🤣🤣🤣)

Louise + John

Love love love love love them!!! Honestly Lu they are amazing and you captured the joy and happiness of the day perfectly. The colours are incredible and your eye for composition is just brilliant. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Isobel + Chris