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I'm not your average photographer just hired to press a button. I look to go deeper and connect with all my couples to create truly heartfelt, unique images that in turn, connect with them and totally reflect thier amazing love story. 

You're likely here because you've just begun this whole wedding process - and that's great! It's a bit of a minefield, so I’m here 24/7 to guide you through this epic adventure. I dedicate my time and focus to each and every one of my couples into making this part the best, most enjoyable -and easiest- experience possible. Because that’s all we’re after really, isn't it?

You've probably worked out from the photos on my website, that my style is quiet, real, and cinematic. I love to hear new ideas and collaborations to find out how my style can be moulded to suit ANY wedding. So, don't rush, grab a beverage, browse my site inside and out, and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Lu x 


Timeless Memories Starting from £1500


+ Pre-wedding meet up

Let's start things off with a catch-up to meet and say hi over a tea/wine/beer/midday margarita. You've got my undivided attention whenever you want to chat every step of the way.

+ Full Days Coverage

From the buzzing prep in the morning, until the messy, shape-throwing end, I'll be there documenting your whole day inside out.
*Limited to 10hrs*

+ High Resolution Images

These are perfect for printing, and will be available to download from your gallery as well as stored on a USB, if requested.

+ Low Resolution Images

Perfect for sharing with family members online and on social media when you just have to show them off to the world!

+ Online Gallery

The best way to view your images - safely and securely stored in a stunning, sleek online gallery. Ready for downloading and instant sharing with everyone. 

+ Online Slideshow

A carefully curated collection of images to music, highlighting some of your favourite moments of the day. A totally emotion-filled experience all on it's own - this one's the real tearjerker! 

Including travel + Accomodation



//  Pre- wedding catch-up
    Let's talk about your big plans!

//  Up to 3 hours Coverage
     Starting whenever you like

//  High Resolution final images 
     (perfect for printing)

//  Low-resolution final images
     (perfect for sharing)

//  Custom USB Drive 
     A custom engraved, wooden USB (3.0), containing all
     of your images ready to download, share
 and print! 

Perfect if you only want photos capturing specific moments of the day, e.g. the ceremony only.


+ Handmade Keepsake box + USB

A gorgeous, hand-crafted keepsake box containing a custom USB with all your images and a selection of high quality prints for your home. Something special for the memories from your day.

+ Gallery Mobile App

Take your photos wherever you go so you can share your memories on the spot in an instant! (Android + IOS)

Including travel + Accomodation


//  Pre- wedding catch-up
    Let's talk about your big plans!

//  All Day Coverage
    From the very start to the messy end!
    Limited to 10hrs.

//  High Resolution final images 
     (Perfect for printing)

//  Low-resolution final images
     (Perfect for sharing)

//  Online Gallery
    A protected online gallery, containing all your images, ready      to download, print and share.

//  Slideshow
    Located within your gallery, a beautifully curated slideshow      to music, highlighting your favourite parts of the day,


The 'All-rounder' - covering every part of your day, from the start, to the messy end and everything in between!


Including travel + Accomodation


//  Pre- wedding catch-up
    Let's talk about your big plans!

//  Engagement Session
    To meet up, have a laugh and get some amazing photos to        start to your next adventure!

//  All Day Coverage
    From the very start to the messy end! Limited to 10hrs.

//  High Resolution final images 
     (Perfect for printing)

//  Low-resolution final images
     (Perfect for sharing)

//  Keepsake Box + USB
    A beautifully hand-crafted keepsake box, containing a              selection of high quality Prints and a USB with all your              images for quick and easy sharing

//  Online Gallery
A protected online gallery, containing all your images, ready      to download, print and share.

//  Slideshow
    Located within your gallery - carefully curated slideshow to       music, highlighting your favourite parts of the day,

//  Gallery Mobile App
     A slick app to show off your images wherever you are.             The perfect way to relive and share your memories. 
     (Android + IOS)



The whole SHABANGA! Everything from packages 1+2, and so much more to truly comemorate your amazing day!


    After the wedding and I get back to HQ, I begin my editing wizardry, backing up your day and creating your story and any extras you might have asked for. I can’t resist sending sneak peeks, so you’ll get your first surprise within 48hrs of the wedding to make you thristy for more! (this may take a little longer if I've travelled a long way for your day!) Within 4 weeks you should receive an invite to your mordern, sexy-slick online gallery where you’ll find your entire collection and slideshow (if added) ready to view REPEATEDLY, download, print and share with the world!


       OK...It’s the big day - but no worries, I’m your own personal calming presence and I’m with you every step of the way. From the very start to the for-surely messy end, I’ll be there to lend a hand, a tissue, a haribo, a pen knife when the damn button holes JUST. WON’T. FIT. I’m a bit like Mary Poppins with her bag, minus the intensity and responsibilty for children in an animated world. OH, and if you’re ever in need of a drummer I’m totally ready to jump in! Your first dance is to Journey right? 


    Once you’ve booked your day with me, that’s you and me in it to win it. I’m always free for a chat with a tea/wine/beer/G&T over the phone or facetime. Or if you have any burning questions at 11pm that are driving you mad, just give me a shout. Cheese alert, but the most important thing to me is connecting with my couples and to build that friendship, trust and excitement for your wedding from day one. This way they’re 1000% confident to just wind me up and let me do my thing on the day, like the dry-witted, introvert energiser bunny I am. 




The Finishing Touches to Start your Legacy

Believe it or not, this is honestly 90% of the job, haha.
A full day wedding normally leaves me with 3-4ooo images (yes that's right, 4ooo) and the editing process is where I take your already gorgeous photos to the next level...

I begin by backing up all of your images as soon I get back to my base. Then comes the painstaking job of removing any 'bad' ones (closed eyes etc) and selecting only the cream of the crop for your final collection (some of which still won't make the final cut). 

Then, working in Adobe Ligtroom, I apply my unique editing process to all of your images to bring out the very, very best in them: this is done one image at a time and I tweak each and every one by hand until they're perfect. I then leave them for a day or two, and with fresh eyes I go back through your collection and make my final, final, FINAL tweaks before setting up your gallery.  Easy, right?! 



KeepSake Box

If you're like me, the most insignificant things can hold the most sentiment: a cork from your first date, a receipt fom an awesome meal on a balmy holiday eve. Containing all your images on a custom USB, and a selection of gorgeous prints from your wedding day, this little extra holds a little extra space for those souveniers yet to come. (I may 'borrow-steal' tiny trinkets of zero value from your day to put inside. Just saying).   

Memories For All Your Adventures


All the higlights from your big day

"The slideshow!! Thank you so so so SO much for doing that for us- we took your advice and watched that first and oh man it was wonderful ( it made John cry- standard 🤣)"

Louise + John

The slideshow captures all your favourite parts of the day arranged in a moving, storytelling format. I carefully curate your images and choose music to create a totally unique, even MORE emotional experience than your image gallery. 



The Begining of Your Next Adventure

Let's go adventure somewhere and take some awesome photos while we're at it!

Getting married, or not - these little sessions are the perfect, laid back way to get to know each other and see if we're the right fit. The sky's the limit on this one, and I'm game to go anywhere in the world you choose for your shoot - I'll be like your not so awkward third wheel, while you goof around together! Just like with my weddings, my focus is all about capturing those genuine smiles of adoration, the little  quirks that only you as a couple have, and everything else in between that makes your hearts beat the hardest!



Including Travel + Accomodation

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Families that Love, Live and Laugh Together

There's no question that if you have kids you'll love taking photos of them - I have literally thousands

My Approach is to capture honest, beautiful images of you and your wonderfully weird family with all it's quirks. Hugs, tickles, dirty knees - I want to see it all!! The sessions are about an hour long, we'll meet up at a location good for us both and just take a stroll. It's a great chance to relax and have a chat and a laugh all while capturing your family as things unfold naturally.  

Time to capture those memories as wonderful as the way you see them.



Including Travel + Accomodation

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Two souls
one Awesome story

Let's create
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