I take photos of the things in my life that I love and have the luck to witness day by day.

Hi, my name is Luis (or Lu) and I’m a wedding and fashion photographer. My style is documentary, creative, moody and expressive. You’ll know straight away if it ticks your boxes, but my focus, for weddings in particular is capturing moments; fleeting seconds of the day’s events unfolding with nothing staged or posed: the smiles, nerves, chaos(sometimes!), the tears. I’m not there to intervene so I’ll usually stay in the background so not to influence anyone’s reactions too much, allowing me to document you and your friends and family completely immersed in the moment. An honest reflection of your day. I’m not the biggest fan of having my photo taken so I’ll never ask you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with and treat everyone differently in front of the camera, but simply just be yourselves as ultimately it’s your day to enjoy every minute of!

I work on my own and with minimal gear – one camera (+ backup) and a handful of lenses so I’m free to move around all day without collapsing. I prefer using the natural light available until it’s dark enough to warrant flash. And for those of you interested I work with Canon digital and occasionally Polaroid and 35mm.

Creating beautiful, evocative, moody images has been my main focus for as long as I can recall. Maybe it was watching too many David Lynch films as a youth, I don’t know! It’s an ever evolving process for me and with my roots firmly based in art and fashion, all these aspects constantly influence what I see in the world and ultimately the images I create. Art has always been my thing and specialising in photography at school and during my fine-art college days was most certainly the defining push into pursuing this craft, giving me the foundations to now make the images I do. Everyone around me in my life is artistically creative in one way or another: my dad is a jeweller and can craft anything out of, well, pretty much anything. A bit like Mcguyver without the mullet. My brother is following after my dad and gradually over-striding him! And my beautiful partner; amongst her arsenal of talents and obsession with small horses (not Shetlands, specifically small horses) is an artist and vintage furniture re-upholsterer. I’m insanely fortunate to have these people and inspirations in my life and I feel that sense of unison and closeness feeds through in my work.

If you think we’d work well together simply say hi below, we’ll go over what plans and ideas you’ve got and how we can make some amazing images!  So…

L E T S  B E G I N

– – –