I take photos of the things in my life that I love and have the luck to witness day by day.

Hi, my name is Luis, or Lu whichever floats your boat, and I’m a wedding and fashion photographer. My style is very documentary, creative, moody and expressive. You’ll know straight away if it ticks your boxes! But my focus for weddings in particular is capturing moments, fleeting seconds of your day unfolding with nothing staged or posed: smiles, nerves, the tears. I’ll usually keep to the background so not to influence anyone’s reactions, but I’ll always pitch-in to help where I can on the day. This approach lets me document the whole day with everyone being caught-up in the moment. I.e. the best way!!

I’m not the biggest fan of having my photo taken so I’ll never ask you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with and I treat everyone differently in front of the camera. But simply be your awesome selves, as ultimately it’s your day to enjoy every minute of!

I work on my own and with minimal gear – Canon DSLR and a handful of lenses so I’m free to move around all day without collapsing! I prefer to use natural light where I can, and then some flash when the dancing starts. For those interested, I work with Canon digital and occasionally Polaroid and 35mm point+shoot.

Messing around in one of our favourite places! (I’m on the left)

So that’s me and what I do! If you’re like-minded and think we’d work well together I’d love to hear about your day. We’ll go over what ideas you’ve got and how we can make you some amazing images! So…

Get in touch here!